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About Derelict Daydream

Avenged Sevenfold meets Killing Joke.


"Dulcet tones and lush guitar work" - Powerplay, "A talented chap... Good music" Leeds Music Scene, "I like it..." Austin Collins - AC Promotions

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, Derelict Daydream is the brainchild of multi-soloist Graham Spence.  Graham was only 4 years old when he played his first chords on a guitar and things have come a long way since then.  To date he has produced 4 albums and been radio played in many states of the US including New York, California and Colorado, and in other countries such as France and Austria.  He was hired by the BBC to play guitar parts for series 2 of 'In The Flesh' and also played a part in a reconstruction for BBC's Crimewatch amongst other freelance engagements that he fits in around his music.

First (unreleased) version of Cold Blooded Innocence by The Masked Musician
Produced while the Original version of Cold Blooded Innocence was still in Production
Unreleased E.P of Feel For me by The Masked Musician from the 2002 Cold Blooded Innocence
2nd (unreleased) E.P for The Masked Musician's 2002 version of Cold Blooded Innocence
Early video promo for The Masked Musician, containted Never Known and 3 cuts of Children Of The Revolution (TRex cover)
Beginnings and Cold Blooded Innocence



In the early days Graham got increasing frustrated at not being able to move things forward in various bands he was in as a teenager.  A couple of years later he adopted the name The Masked Musician and bought a digital 8 track recorder.  This is where the production side began as he started out making a set of rough demo's of what would become Cold Blooded Innocence (the first version).  This was the first time he played multiple instruments, using a home made bass guitar that his uncle had built and keyboard generated drums.  "The early recordings were pretty rough around the edges but it was a starting point, by the end of those sessions I was starting to lift isolated drum hits out of other recordings to make things sound better".  By 2002, the original version of Cold Blooded Innocence was completed, it had 13 songs and a hidden track but it was never commercially released.  "I had a couple of guitar pupils at the time who wanted a copy but that was about as far as it went".  After that a cover version of Children of the Revolution was recorded where Graham's dad (a huge TRex fan) took the lead vocal and Graham played the instruments and did backing vocals as well as producing the recording.  A remix version was also produced.  "I edited so many drums hits and other sounds on the remix that I almost broke the 8 track machine, I was pushing way beyond what it was designed for.  I realised at that point that I had outgrown my beloved 8 track and it was time to go computer based".  A video was also shot for Children of the Revolution but neither it or the audio recording were released commercially, though unofficially the TRex fan club circulated copies of the songs.  An attempt was made to screen the video at a TRex Fan Club convention in Leeds in 2004 but the screening had to be abandoned due to technical problems.  The video for the song Never Known was shot at the same time as Children of the

Revolution and used the same sets in a different way.

1.618 and Commercial Releases



In 2004 Graham started work on his follow up album '1.618'.  By this point he had relocated to Leeds, West Yorkshire and was doing some freelance TV jobs alongside his music.  Production on '1.618' did not end until 2006 "That's the joy of being a multi-soloist and trying to fit your music productions around other life distractions - its takes a lot of time and patience to pull it all together".  14 songs were recorded of which 12 made it onto the album, the other 2 ended up as B sides.  When the recording sessions started there were no great plans for releasing the album, it was more of a passion project but over the 2 1/2 years of production that thinking changed as it emerged that the production quality of '1.618'  was much higher than its predecessor and was good enough for a commercial release.  After the album was completed a search for a distributor began.  Once a distribution agreement was in place the label Tempest Eye Records was formed and a video was shot for 'Three Year Headache' which had been chosen to be the lead single.  The single spent 6 weeks on rotation at radio stations in New York and California as well as other stations and shortly after a follow up single 'Stay Dangerous' was released which was equally well received by international radio.  The album was then released followed by a 3rd single 'Perfectionist Being'.  The new single also faired well on radio.  Though the album was not a favourite of the critics it did manage to reach No. 28 in's Metal Downloads chart beating established acts such as Motorhead.  The Stay Dangerous single also gained a featured placement alongside Avenged Sevenfold on eMusic in the week of its release. 


In 2007/08 some songs from 'Cold Blooded Innocence' were re-recorded and new version of the album was put together for release but no new videos were shot.  'Tainted' was the lead single and in particular this was picked up by KRFC radio in Colorado and rotated for a whole year (many to thanks Dave Tallent), it was followed by 'The Day I Stopped Caring' and 'Feel For Me', both were favoured in particular by American Radio and the latter is still The Masked Musician's best selling single to date.

Name Change and Personality Assassin



In 2010 preperations began for a 3rd album with 17 new songs, this was a much bigger ambitious project than the previous albums.  The project was not completed until 2014 "3 1/2 years is a long time to carry a project but with so many songs of such breadth it was always gonna be a long haul.  One of the songs is a 7 minute epic that took 132 channels to mix, had to be careful to not overheat the computer on that one..."  Towards the end of the project, it was decided to go for a name change "The Masked Musician name said everything it needed to in terms of the artist but the mask thing was always meant to be a metaphor, some people seemed to be taking it literally, expecting some kind of Slipknot type act and thats not the way it was intended".  After some brain storming The Masked Musician became Derelict Daydream.  Personality Assassin is the name of the new album and will be the first one to feature the Derelict Daydream name alongside Yesterday's People which has been chosen to be the lead single, a new video has been shot for this song.

Personality Assassin Release

Personality Assassin was released on 24 Feb 2015 along with the lead single from the album Yesterday's People although the entire album had been leaked had actually been leaked online a few weeks before that when it would seem that a press agent pushing the album had inadvertently sent it to a dodgy site. Graham made a music video for Yesterdays' People, his first for several years and first as Derelict Daydream. It was a simple concept video that educated on how to make your own releases at home rather than going the established route, acting as a music video and and an educational one.

Songs from the album were quickly picked up my international radio stations in the US and Canada including the Ohio based 365 Radio Network who heavily rotated the album (every song!) on 17 of their 24 stations. A 2nd single Animal Kingdom followed In Oct 2015 with its own video which was mostly a performance piece but also included some 2D animation. Radio rotation of the album continued seeing songs from the album start to make regular appearances in 365 radio networks weekly chart rundowns and several songs entering the Top 10 including Chasing Shadows (No. 8), Animal Kingdom (No.9) and Mindslave (No.9). A 3rd single Smalltown Lies was released in early 2016 with a video which was a bigger production than the previous 2, featuring location filming in North Northumberland and was the first Derelict Daydream video to use Green Screen.

The Theory Game EP & Sony Music

The closing track from Personality Assassin 'A Mile In Your Shoes' was a low key closer to the album with no drum track and it was felt that it could work as an alternative version too so a remix of the track was created. "I always remember the day I did this remix, there were 3 workmen in and around the building all working on various bits of it, 2 were downstairs and one was up on a ladder outside the window where I have the computer set up, obviously there was no question of me being able to do any open mic work that day so I sat down at the computer and started fiddling with this song, changed the tempo added an electronic drum track and some synths, meanwhile as I'm doing this the guy on the ladder outside is tapping on the window making thumbs up gestures and saying 'sounds good G!'. I knew form speaking to him when he'd been around previously that he was a big music fan and had given him a sampler of Derelict Daydream, but it was nice and surreal simultaneously to be getting outside feedback on something as it was being created, just glad he liked it lol".

Some songs from the Personality Assassin sessions were not released as part of that campaign so it was decided to include a couple of those (LCD and Shipwrecked) along with a couple of alternative mixes of album, cuts. The remix track also worked just as well as an instrumental so that version was included on the EP as well. When it came to release The Theory Game in March 2017 there had been a change on the distribution side meaning Sony Music Entertainment would be handling the distribution for this release. Upon release once again 365 Radio took on the entire EP and rotated for several months resulting in Derelict Daydream's highest chart placement on the network with A Mile In Your Shoes reaching No.5 on their 513 Cincinnati  station. Shipwrecked and LCD also charted but not as high at No.'s 17 and No.27 respectively.  A new video was shot for A Mile In Your Shoes (Entity Remix) for the EP but was never issued as a single on its own, the video was in the narrative style and Derelict Daydream's first to feature virtual set work and also contained animation with the live action being confined to a small section of the video. "As the song was a remix I decided early on to limit my screen time in it, of course not thinking about the massive amount of visual content that would have to fill my absence so it was a huge amount of work to put it together but it was worth it in the end as the video was very well received by those who saw it".

Portrait Of A Landscape

Portrait Of A Landscape was originally going to be another 6 track EP featuring newly recorded material alongside the song Beautiful Silence, which had been recorded originally as part of the Personality Assassin Sessions but was held back as it didn't seem to fit with the rest of that material. "I realised I actually had enough material to make a full length album but wasn't sure initially if I wanted this to be the next Derelict Daydream album as its so different to the rest of the catalogue. Initially I considered expanding it to 8 tracks and holding a few back but over the course of the production the quality of the material became apparent and it suddenly seemed stupid to not put the whole thing out so here it is 10 original songs and Somewhere In The Night originally performed by Roses In Exile (written by Wendy B Scott) them reworked as an instrumental by me". Acoustic versions of several of these songs were also produced which are likely to feature as B sides.

The first single chosen from the album was Beautiful Silence and a hugely ambitious video was shot for this accordingly which involved filming on location just across the border in Scotland as well as green screen filming at Oakville Studios where the album had been produced. "The video was a constant uphill battle from the start from temperamental weather and equipment failures on location to extended post production time for compositing additional snow & breath effects as well as building/lighting the virtual museum set. The post production was actually completed during national lockdown for Covid-19 earning the video the nickname
Snovid-19". Portrait Of A Landscape and Beautiful Silence are expected for release in October 2021.
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