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New Derelict Daydream Music Video In Production

Derelict Daydream has completed recording of a new mini album and has filmed footage for a new music video from the forthcoming release. Which is expected to hit stores later next year.

The video for the lead track 'Beautiful Silence' is Derelict Daydream's first video to be filmed in Scotland and will be the opening song on the mini album which will both electro/acoustic tracks alongside acoustic only versions of some songs.

Studio footage for the video was shot in Leeds as for previous DD videos with the shot on the left showing a moment between takes of what was an otherwise intensive shoot. The video will precede the release by a few weeks but no date has been confirmed for this as yet, though it is expected to be around the Autumn of 2020.

365 Radio Network Collapses

Sad to announce that the Ohio based 365 Radio Network has collapsed and pulled the plug on all of its 20+ stations last year.

365 Radio were big supporters of Derelict Daydream, in particular songs from Personality Assassin and The Theory Game received heavy rotation airplay on the majority of their stations. Their collapse is a sad loss for independent artists and exposure of independent music across the globe.

Derelict Daydream entered their charts on several occasions with several songs breaking the Top 10, including Mindslave and Animal Kingdom, the latter of which entered the top 10 chart twice.

New Derelict Daydream EP/Mini Album Goes Production

Derelict Daydream has resumed recording of a new EP/Mini Album due to be released early next year. The material shows a softer side of the artists sound with a more electro-acoustic vibe before moving onto the next album where the heaviness will return.

Derelict Daydream has entered production with 11 new songs plus a few cover versions, including an acoustic version of Beautiful Silence with the electric version being left over from the Personality Assassin sections.

DD says 'I've had some of these songs kicking around for a while now and wanted to produce them but they didn't feel like they belonged on an album as such, so hence this new project. It'll show yet another side to the multi faceted Derelict Daydream'.

More minor chart placements and re-entries for Derelict Daydream in the 365 Radio Network Charts

There have been several minor entries at the lower end of the Top.30 365 Radio Network Charts. Most notably including a new entry for Shipwrecked at No.27 which has become the first track from The Theory Game EP to reach the Charts, hopefully with more to follow.

Other entries include a 4th re-entry for Animal Kingdom at no. 29 along with Chasing Shadows also at no.29 (both previously Top10 ), as well as new entries for A Mile In Your Shoes - original version and Dirty Shores both peaking at No.26 (Dirty Shoes entering twice)

Exclusive: Derelict Daydream interview by Coven Radio

Coven Radio have just published a transcript on their website for their exclusive Spotlight on Derelict Daydream interview. Read the full transcript here:  

The piece covers a range of topics from inspirations to make music to the state of the music industry and music production today vs that of yesteryear as well as some useful practical tips for bands starting out in the world of gigging and recording.

Animal Kingdom Re-Enters the Network Charts again!

Animal Kingdom, arguably Derelict Daydream's most popular song to date has entered the 365 Radio Network charts for a 3rd time. 

Previously Animal Kingdom first entered the charts at No.10 in April of 2016, then in re-entered at the same position in March of 2017. This 2nd re-entry in May 2017 has seen the song climb one place to No.9. See the video for Animal Kingdom here:

New EP Announced


Derelict Daydream is now officially in pre-production on a brand new EP which will precede production of the next album. The EP will feature the track 'Beautiful Silence' which was recorded as part of the Personality Assassin sessions alongside a collection of newly recorded material. 

The project will be of a more electro-acoustic nature than its predecessors as per Beautiful Silence which would have sounded out of place had it appeared on Personality Assassin. The new recordings are expected to generate a 6 track EP with accompanying videos, more information to follow.

More Chart News

Derelict Daydream enters the 365 Radio Network Charts Top 10. again, TWICE! Approximately a week apart, from the Personality Assassin album 'Mindslave' entered the Metal Charts at No.9 swiftly followed the following week by 'Chasing Shadows' going in at No.8.

This now means 6 of the 12 tracks from Personality Assassin have made the Network Charts and 5 of those have gone Top.10:

Animal Kingdom - No.10 (365 Radio Metal Chart - Week 15 of 2016)

Yesterday's People / Nothing As It Seems - No.8 (365 Ultimate Radio Chart - Week 9 of 2017)

Animal Kingdom - No.10 re-entry (365 Radio Metal Chart - Week 11 of 2017)

Smalltown Lies - No.18 (Midwest Broadcasting Group - Week 13 of 2017)

Mindslave - No.9  (365 Radio Metal Chart - Week 14 of 2017)

Chasing Shadows - No.8 (365 Radio Metal Chart - Week 15 of 2017)

A Mile In Your Shoes - Entity Remix - The New Video is Here!


After a slight delay the brand new video for A Mile In Your Shoes - Entity Remix is finally here. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, its a ground breaking one man one camera production that pushes the boundaries of what's achievable with today's technology even further than previous productions. Click on the image to the left to view it. 

The video for "A Mile in Your Shoes - Entity Remix" was put together over a period of approximately three months by one person using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. The video contains green screen work, motion tracking, particle and warping effects alongside 2D animation as well as live action performance


The Theory Game, Amazon Link:

Derelict Daydream At No.8 In 365 Radio Network Chart


News just in that Derelict Daydream has hit a new peak in the 365 Radio Network Charts. Interestingly it is not one of the new tracks of The Theory Game EP that has done this, but the medley of Yesterday's People and Nothing As It Seems from the Personality Assassin album.

This chart placing is a new height for Derelict Daydream, beating Animal Kingdom with charted at No.10 last year.

Theory Game EP Hits Stores Today

After weeks of rotation on 13 out of the 17 stations that make up the 365 Radio Network (based in Ohio), Derelict Daydream's Theory Game EP finally becomes available to download/stream today.

The video for the lead track A Mile In Your Shoes - Entity Remix has been slightly delayed but will be available shortly.

Click on the artwork to the left to get your copy.

New E.P. The Theory Game Announced


Featuring Derelict Daydream's first ever remix, of the closing track from Personality Assassin, 'A Mile In Your Shoes - Entity Remix', new E.P. 'The Theory Game'  will be hitting stores early next year.

Whilst the full track listing hasn't been confirmed as yet, the E.P. will also contain 2 previously unreleased tracks recorded as part of the sessions for Personality Assassin but not included on the final album as well as alternate mixes of 2 songs that were on the album.  There will also be an instrumental version of the remix included as well.

Release date TBC, but it is expected The Theory Game will hit stores sometime in Feb/March 2017.

2nd single from Personality Assassin by Derelict Daydream hits stores Oct 6 2015
Derelict Daydream Debuts On New Radio Stations

On July 12 'These Four Walls', the opening track from Personality Assassin was selected for featured play on the Live 365 Network meaning it played over all stations on the network simultaneously.

‪In addition to the other stations that already rotate Derelict Daydream,  WNDY Radio, Highway Rock Radio,

Rockers Underground, ‬ ‪Elite 365 Radio, ‬ ‪Indie 365 Radio‬‪ and ‎Rock 365 Radio‬ also played These Four Walls for the first time.

The show The Rocking Bones with DJ Ozzie selected that song from the album as the theme for that particular broadcast was songs with the word 'Wall' in the title.

Signed photo of Derelict Daydream with Personality Assassin promo CD
Animal Kingdom Makes The Top 10!


In the week April 20th, 365 Radio Network Charts place Derelict Daydream's Animal Kingdom in 10th place.


This is fantastic news and a sure sign that Derlict Daydream is gaining further recognition in the United States.

2nd single from Personality Assassin by Derelict Daydream hits stores Oct 6 2015
It's Here!  Animal Kingdom The Video


After a couple of delays the Official Video for Animal Kingdom is here, click on the icon to the left or go to the videos section to watch it.  The video was shot in the same house as Yesterday's People in uninterrupted long takes.  The video uses Motion Control, 3D Camera Tracking and 2D + 3D Animation.  "The post production was pretty intense on this one, there were a couple of problems that caused delays but not its done, I'm very pleased with how it turned out" said Graham.

Signed photo of Derelict Daydream with Personality Assassin promo CD
2nd single from Personality Assassin by Derelict Daydream hits stores Oct 6 2015
New Single Confirmed - Smalltown Lies


It has been confirmed that Smalltown Lies will be the 3rd single to be taken from Derelict Daydream's album Personality Assassin.  Release date and artwork are still yet to be confirmed at this time, but details will be posted as soon as they are available.  Its is expected the release date will be around Feb to March of 2016.

365 Radio Network Rotates The Entire Personality Assassin Album + Animal Kingdom Plays on Rockers Dive Radio, Wisconsin


The 365 Radio Network, most notably Metal 365 Radio and Iron Waves Radio have been playing multiple tracks from Derelict Daydream's Personality Assassin album on rotation for several months now, resulting in all 12 songs from the album being broadcast. 


Rockers Dive Radio in Wisconsin have also been spinning the Animal Kingdom single in addition to Tritone, Xenicus and I-SIS as mentioned previously



Smalltown Lies Single In Stores Now


The single of Smalltown Lies has hit stores containing both album and single edit versions of the song and includes the video version of Animal Kingdom.  A video has also been shot to accompany the release, making it the 3rd video from the album.


Click on the artwork to the left to buy on Amazon.

2nd single from Personality Assassin by Derelict Daydream hits stores Oct 6 2015
US Radio Play Continues


The 365 Radio Network and still rotating the Personality Assassin album and have expanded it to their Midwest Broadcasting Group, main 365 Radio and Eagle Eye PR Group broadcasts as well.  Many thanks to Sully McFly and J L Hensley. 


In addition to this thanks also go to Dave Tallent at KRFC Radio in Colorado has confirmed that they will be adding Smalltown Lies to their playlist too.

Signed photo of Derelict Daydream with Personality Assassin promo CD
Signed photo of Derelict Daydream with Personality Assassin promo CD
First Radio Play Reports For Animal Kingdom


Very pleased to announce that 3 radio stations have been in touch to confirm that they will be playing Animal Kingdom on their shows: I-SIS Radio in New York were the first, followed by Xenicus Radio in Canada & Tritone Radio in Spain.


Xenicus radio played Yesterday's People and I-SIS Radio played Feel For Me way back in 2009, so its always great to hear from these two and a warm welcome to Tritone Radio as a newcomer to the ever growing ranks of Derelict Daydream supporters.



Animal Kingdom Single Release Confirmed


Animal Kingdom the 2nd single to be lifted from Derelict Daydream's Personality Assassin Album will be released on Oct 6th 2015.  Tracklisting is still to be confirmed but the single will like Yesterday's People be a digital download only release featuring 3 songs including the title track.  The single will be available in all the usual outlets (Amazon, iTunes, Rippletunes, Spotify etc) in 243 territories.

Autograph Requests


Tempest Eye Records has received several requests for signed photographs of Derelict Daydream due to the popularity of the Personality Assassin & Yesterday's People releases.  An unexpected flood of email requests came within a short space of time to the label's mailbox via this website, namely from fans in France.  It would seem these were due to a blog publication that featured Derelict Daydream and details of the new releases.



New Single Announced


Animal Kingdom has been announced to be the 2nd single from the Personality Assassin album following on from Yesterday's People.  At this time the track listing and release date are to be confirmed but there are currently plans underway to shoot a new video to accompany the release, watch this space.

Derelict Daydream Now On Sale In All Major Download stores


From midnight Feb 24th, Personality Assassin and Yesterday's People go on sale, click on the buy button at the top of the page or why not pick them up on iTunes for a mere £7.99/£1.36 (album/single).


Both album and single will go on sale in 243 territories across the world across a massive range of stores including Amazon, iTunes, 7Digital and many many more.  Just do a search in your favourite store or if you don't have one, click on the image to the right to be taken to Derelict Daydream's Amazon Store.

More Radio Play For Yesterday's People


Many thanks go out to Radio Xenicus (Canada), EGH Radio (UK) and Radio Flote (India) who have all been spinning Yesterday's People. 


Including Rockers Dive in the US, that's 4 countries in which the single has been played (there may be others that haven't made themselves known too).

Yesterday's People , The Official Video Is Finally Here!


The new video for Yesterday's People, makes its public debut in Youtube today, click below to watch it:

First Radio Spins For Yesterday's People


Big respect to Rockers Dive Radio in Wisonsin for being the first radio station to spin Yesterday's People.


There have also been further enquries from stations in New York, Colorado and even Bangalore.  Any other airplay news we get will follow.

Independent Label Tempest Eye Records, DIY Recording
Yesterday's People Video Banned From Online Stores


The new video for Yesterday's People, the lead single from the Personality Assassin album has been banned from online stores on a technicality.  Graham has issued a statement on this, see below:

Independent Label Tempest Eye Records, DIY Recording
New Single and Video


'Yesterday's People' will be the lead single from the new album 'Personality Assassin'.  A brand new video has also been shot to accompany the release.


The video takes the form of being a cross between a performance video and an instructional video the basics of how to produce your own music.  Graham says: "its a simple idea but a very effective one, basically if you're a young musician with loads of ideas and creative energy but no band, you're gonna want to see this.  It gives an insight into my production process and how you could do it too."


The video also breaks new ground as being the first ever professional music video to be simultaneously shot and performed by one person.


Independent Label Tempest Eye Records, DIY Recording
Album Post Production Complete


Derelict Daydream's 3rd album (including the Masked Musician releases) has just been mastered and is now complete.  Watch this space for further details leading up to release.


Of the 17 songs recorded, it has been confirmed that 12 of them have been chosen for the album, some of the others have been marked for future releases.

Personality Assassin album by Derelict Daydream Multi Soloist for Tempest Eye Records Independent Label
Album Number 3 - Production Complete


After a lengthly production process that saw Graham's biggest ever production slate, running at a whopping 17 songs.  Work on the production stage of his 3rd album is complete. 


Graham says "This production was massive and took a long time to pull together.  Not just the number of songs but the breadth of them, this project feels much more epic than its predecessors.  Not all of the 17 will make it onto the album, but I will be making selections and most of the others will turn up elsewhere I'm sure".


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