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Beautiful Silence (official Snovid-19 video)

Beautiful Silence the song is a softer title from the Derelict Daydream catalogue reflecting the album its taken from. , the video is a hugely ambitious production involving location filming in Scotland and green screen shooting in Leeds with a large amount of post production work to generate all the visual effects. All of the falling snow and nearly all of the ground snow was added digitally with just a small amount of practical snow on set. This is the first Derelict Daydream video to feature aerial photography and some daring water skimming shots as well as virtual set work. The technical challenges were enormous and a lot of hard work but produced some really fantastic results.

Beautiful Silence (official video trailer - version 1)

Official video trailer

A Mile In Your Shoes - Entity Remix

As A Mile In Your Shoes - Entity is a remix and more 'synthy' than Derelict Daydream's usual output, it was decided early on that the live action performance screen time should be reduced to a minimum.  This meant other content had to be created to show for the rest of the video in the absence of a principal performer. In what became a hugely complicated and technical project, the video for "A Mile in Your Shoes - Entity Remix" was put together over a period of approximately three months by one person using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. The video contains green screen work, motion tracking, particle and warping effects alongside 2D animation as well as live action performance.

Smalltown Lies

The idea with this video was to expand on the techniques that had been used in the previous video for Animal Kingdom by giving it more of a cinematic feel and expanding the video to use more locations.  The general idea being that a 'big' song should have a big video to go with it.  The video was shot in part in Bramley, Leeds and the scenic views in North Northumberland, just south of Berwick upon Tweed.  Unlike previous videos, this one also involved a significant amount of Chromakey (green screen) work.

Animal Kingdom

Following on from Yesterday's People, the video for Animal Kingdom was also shot and performed with no crew but with the bar raised even higher.  Shot in the same house as its predecessor in long uninterrupted takes, Animal Kingdom uses Motion Control, 3D Camera Tracking and 2D + 3D Animation.

Yesterday's People

The video for Yesterday's People breaks new ground in that it is the first professional music video to be simultaneously shot and performed by one person.  A cross between a performance piece and an instructional video on DIY music production, it was shot mostly in a house in Leeds, other locations featured include PFL studios and Longridge Towers School both in Berwick upon Tweed.

Three Year Headache

Shot on Location at Norham Castle, Northumberland, also featuring Warkworth Castle and The River Tweed ' Three Year Headache' was the lead single from the album 1.618.

Never Known

'Never Known' is a concept video from the Cold Blooded Innocence album.  It was shot at Longridge Towers School, Berwick upon Tweed at the same time as 'Children of The Revolution' in approximately 2 hours with most shots being done in one take.

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